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Can audience segmentation enhance your credit risk management efforts?

Sep 21, 2016 Walt Wojciechowski

Understanding your customer involves knowing the risk they pose as well.

Professionals often regard audience segmentation as a resource for marketers alone, but credit risk management experts often find value in distinguishing customers' behaviors and values.If analysts identify audiences that are more likely to present...

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How much does financial fraud cost your business?

Sep 14, 2016 Walt Wojciechowski

Calculating the costs of fraud isn

It's a question that warrants an answer: How much does financial fraud cost your business? The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimated the average organization loses 5 percent of its revenues to fraud, but your business could be losing...

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3 steps to establish a data quality assurance plan

Aug 08, 2016 Walt Wojciechowski

Businesses participating in any sector, whether fintech or manufacturing, endure the burden of collecting, managing and analyzing data. For those with data quality assurance plans, this responsibility produces a return in the form of cost reductions,...

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CFOs: Not all big data is spotless

Jul 27, 2016 Walt Wojciechowski

Inaccurate data can mislead accountants and financial analysts.

When it comes to scrutinizing risk, financial data analysts have plenty of tools to choose from. Customer profitability analytics show accountants which demographics generate the most revenue, while credit and decisioning tools show which customers...

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The growing complexity and challenges of KYC

Jul 26, 2016 Walt Wojciechowski

Between the 2008 financial crisis and the growth of financial fraud, businesses have committed extensive resources to establishing and supporting know your customer programs. Through instant bank verification, eviction searches and other background...

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