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Alternative credit data helps lenders expand small business portfolios

Dec 14, 2016 Philip Burgess

Lenders must look beyond traditional data to understand a business

Acquiring access to credit remains a persistent challenge among financially responsible small business owners. According to a report from BI Intelligence, lenders walked away from approximately $96.5 billion worth of loans in the fourth quarter of...

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Underwriters: Are you using Instant Bank Verification tools?

Sep 13, 2016 Philip Burgess

Instead of assessing a borrower

Assessing a person's capacity to pay back loans is arguably one of the most challenging steps of the loan underwriting process. You need to corroborate every source testifying to a borrower's monthly income and employment history.To reduce the time...

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How business valuation and credentialing can help you assess third-party risk

Aug 11, 2016 Philip Burgess

What is the strategic risk of engaging a particular third party?

Whether financing debt for privately held organizations or partnering with a fellow industry participant, working with third parties introduces several financial risks. At a high level, every factor could present a possible fiscal liability, from a...

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Understanding the consequences of the new CFPB payday lending rules

Jul 08, 2016 Philip Burgess

Ostensibly, the rules are intended to protect consumers from debt.

Early in June, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced new proposals regarding short-term, high-interest loans, also known as "payday" loans. Now that some time has passed, it's worth surveying the scene to determine what impact these new...

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ID theft on the rise - is your business protected?

May 12, 2016 Philip Burgess

Businesses need to make anti-ID theft a key part of their security.

Identity theft has become one of the most common crimes of the digital age. In the U.S. alone, millions of consumers' identities are stolen every year, and this trend has shown little sign of slowing. The vast majority of discussions concerning ID...

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