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5 Brexit outcomes, and their possible impact on fintech

Jul 13, 2016 Sean Albert

Germany may well be the next financial hub of Europe.

Now that the U.K. is likely to invoke Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, financial services and fintech companies alike are calculating how to navigate an environment of uncertainties."A bilateral trade agreement is a possible Brexit...

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Understanding the consequences of the new CFPB payday lending rules

Jul 08, 2016 Philip Burgess

Ostensibly, the rules are intended to protect consumers from debt.

Early in June, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced new proposals regarding short-term, high-interest loans, also known as "payday" loans. Now that some time has passed, it's worth surveying the scene to determine what impact these new...

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How can you get the most value from data aggregation?

Jul 07, 2016 Walt Wojciechowski

More information, better decisions.

Fintech's influence on the financial sector is huge, and it's showing no signs of stopping. In a recent blog, we discussed the role that #bigdata is playing in this space, as fintech startups leverage smart data to deliver previously unavailable...

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Fraud in Unsecured Personal Lending

Jun 17, 2016 Allen Taylor

Fraud in Unsecured Personal Lending The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), at the behest of global intelligence and information management firm Kroll, have conducted a survey of senior executives serving in a wide variety of industries from around...

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Background screening - why it matters and how to get it right

Jun 15, 2016 Philip N Burgess

You need to know what kind of background checks to conduct.

It's always important to know who you're getting into business with. Actually, that doesn't go far enough - it's essential to know who you're getting into business with. That's only way to protect yourself and your organization. This doesn't just...

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