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Consumer Protection Bureau, regulators reach deal on non-bank lending

Jan 10, 2011 Todd Milner

The Consumer Protection Bureau and state regulators reached a deal on Friday that will provide the oversight body and state-level consumer protection agencies more authority to monitor and manage non-traditional credit institutions such as

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Idaho town hires collection agency to get money owed

Jan 07, 2011 Kyle Duncan

A town in Idaho is dealing with the difficult task of collecting debt owed to it from unpaid parking tickets.The Idaho Mountain Express reports that the town of Ketchum has hired a collection agency in order to collect the $109,000 owed to

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Employers need to be careful with job candidates'' personal info

Jan 07, 2011 Brian Bradley

Those applying for new positions are often required to provide their potential employers with information about their background in order to ensure that they are a worthy candidate.And while few would argue that the information required to

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Should states focus on easing payday loans?

Jan 07, 2011 Todd Milner

It has been a question on the lips of many legislators in recent months. Many states are evaluating the payday loan industry and other nontraditional credit businesses under their jurisdiction. Some say the proposed and existing rules go too

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A formula for business valuation

Jan 07, 2011 Brian Bradley

It may not have been an easy decision for owners to sell their businesses. Whether they can't financially support the venture anymore, it's just time for a change, or there's another reason altogether, entrepreneurs must figure

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