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Payday lenders give customers options

Dec 22, 2010 Todd Milner

Payday loans are an excellent way for consumers to acquire nontraditional credit for emergencies and unexpected issues, says the News Portal, because they are loans configured for short-term needs.A job, a bank account and proof of identification are...

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Ohio witnessing a spike in identity theft cases

Dec 22, 2010 Brian Bradley

Ohio is battling a sharp rise in identity theft cases - a spike so intense that it is the fastest-rising crime rate investigated by the Ohio Hightway Patrol, according to the Columbus Dispatch. Since January 1, 2010, the state has investigated 373...

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Debt collectors finding new ways to track targets

Dec 22, 2010 Kyle Duncan

In the past, individuals skirting their debt responsibilities could have avoided collectors simply by not answering the phone or opening the front door to a collector. However, debt collectors are becoming craftier when it comes to finding people,...

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Federal judge slams conspirators in major fraud of Best Buy

Dec 22, 2010 Matt Roesly

On Monday, Chief U.S. District judge Michael Davis threw the book at two conspirators found guilty of defrauding Best Buy of $32.8 million, including a former seven-year employee. Former Best Buy vendor relations manager Robert Bossany and Russell...

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Defending payday loans in the face of misleading stats

Dec 21, 2010 Brian Bradley

Sometimes, a consumer has no other choice. A loan from the bank would take too long, credit cards are maxed out, pay day isn't for another week and a broken car or overdue bills can't wait.Payday loans offer credit to people who really need...

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