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How does alternative credit data fit into Fintech 2.0?

Dec 30, 2016 Sean Albert

Smart devices could automatically relay data to lenders.

Peer-to-peer lending, automated investing and new forms of retail banking defined Fintech 1.0. The movement expanded consumer choice, but it did not dismantle and rebuild the financial services industry. However, that's just what Fintech 2.0 may...

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3 financial benchmarking tactics hospitals should use in 2017

Dec 27, 2016 Philip Burgess Princeton NJ

How will your hospital fair over the next five years?

Between federal regulations and high administrative costs, hospitals are operating on tight margins. Some even in the red. For example, according to the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council, the state's 171 general acute care facilities...

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Alternative credit data helps lenders expand small business portfolios

Dec 14, 2016 Philip Burgess

Lenders must look beyond traditional data to understand a business

Acquiring access to credit remains a persistent challenge among financially responsible small business owners. According to a report from BI Intelligence, lenders walked away from approximately $96.5 billion worth of loans in the fourth quarter of...

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3 characteristics of strong alternative credit data partners

Dec 12, 2016 Walt Wojciechowski

Consumer financial situations may change from month-to-month, and so should their credit reports.

Robust credit risk management operations draw from comprehensive, accurate data to distinguish good from poor risk. Information provides transparency, enabling lenders to expand their businesses, establish targeted risk-based pricing and expedite...

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Alternative credit data: The key to understanding the credit invisible

Nov 23, 2016 Walt Wojciechowski

How do bill payment habits reveal delinquency?

The credit invisible are any individuals without data filed in nationwide credit reporting agencies. They may be immigrants whose foreign credit scores don't apply in the U.S., millennials wary of traditional credit products, or individuals who...

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