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GOP Rewrite of Dodd-Frank Act: How Could It Impact Lending Practices?

May 22, 2017 Walt Wojciechowski

The House Committee voted to send the CHOICE Act to the House.

On May 4, the House Financial Services Committee approved the Financial CHOICE Act, voting to send the bill to the House floor, according to The Hill. Developed by Chairman Jeb Hensarling, the proposed law would repeal many of the regulations...

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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Commercial Lending

May 15, 2017 Philip N Burgess Jr Princeton NJ

AI could analyze economic factors to inform underwriters.

One could make the argument that hundreds of factors will determine whether a business will fail or succeed.In an ideal world, commercial lenders would be able to measure all those variables and weigh them against each other to determine whether a...

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3 Technologies That Are Boosting Anti-Money Laundering Efforts

May 01, 2017 Philip N Burgess Jr Princeton NJ

Fingerprint scanning is an effective method of preventing fraud.

PricewaterhouseCoopers estimated that money launderers process approximately $2 trillion worth of proceeds from illegal activities every year. Despite regulatory pressure from domestic and international governments, financial institutions (FIs) still...

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3 Ways to Overcome KYC Requirement Challenges

Apr 29, 2017 Philip Burgess Princeton NJ

Consult a team of legal experts to bolster your knowledge of KYC laws.

According to a survey from Thomson Reuters, 89 percent of business managers have not had a positive experience with know-your-customer endeavors. In contrast to many other studies of KYC practices, Thomson Reuters spoke with corporate leaders who...

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How Could Trump's Regulatory Reform Impact Consumer Lending? Part Two

Apr 13, 2017 Sean Albert

Implementing Someone With Tiny Hands

In Part One of this series, we discussed a few executive orders the Trump administration issued over the past few months. Each of these orders detailed how executive branch plans to reform federal regulations.Now, we'll attempt to determine how those...

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