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How Could Trump's Regulatory Reform Impact Consumer Lending? Part Two

Apr 13, 2017 Sean Albert

Implementing Someone With Tiny Hands

In Part One of this series, we discussed a few executive orders the Trump administration issued over the past few months. Each of these orders detailed how executive branch plans to reform federal regulations.Now, we'll attempt to determine how those...

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How Could Trump's Regulatory Reform Impact Consumer Lending? Part One

Apr 11, 2017 Walt Wojciechowski

How will regulatory reform impact Washington

On February 24, President Trump signed an executive order detailing how the executive branch intends to enforce his regulatory reform agenda, giving consumers lenders a better idea of what to expect in the near future. In Part One of this series,...

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3 ways artificial intelligence will impact consumer lending

Mar 27, 2017 Walt Wojciechowski

Underwriters will have access to more accurate risk models.

The average consumer produces quite a bit of information today.Every time someone pays a credit card or utility bill, some kind of system records that transaction for later reference. Add rent payments, outstanding loans other financial information...

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3 ways to optimize your commercial lending department

Mar 21, 2017 Philip Burgess MicroBilt

What's the quickest way to assess a business credit applicant's creditworthiness? How can you ensure validity of the information you have at your disposal? How can you reduce the time associated with the loan approval process?All of the questions...

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The value of delivering education through consumer lending services

Mar 13, 2017 Walt Wojciechowski

Loan officers and other personnel on the front lines of your consumer lending services often engage individuals who are new to the whole process. There's always going to be those first-time homebuyers or young adults who are trying to finance their...

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