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The Red Shield solution is a streamlined, low cost Red Flags verification process that analyzes the likelihood of identity fraud instantaneously.

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ChexSystems fights account abuse and fraud. It helps to identify applicants whose accounts have been closed for cause and who therefore may have a propensity for DDA abuse.

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Use Automated Decisioning to quickly implement changes in decisioning logic, credit policy, and business rules while maintaining the integrity of established performance standards.

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Bank, Finance and Leasing: Equipment Leasing Company: Check an Applicant’s Credit and References

Check an Applicant's Credit Quickly, Thoroughly and Effectively for Your Equipment leasing company

MicroBilt provides to your equipment leasing company rapid access to accurate and reliable information gathered from the largest consumer and business credit reporting databases.

To conduct a quick but thorough credit check on a customer at your equipment leasing company we recommend:

Consumer Credit Reports

Consumer data is essential for your equipment leasing company to operate and you need a comprehensive, secure source for your mission critical information. Consumer credit data is a core building block in making credit, leasing, collection and hiring decisions. MicroBilt is your single source for credit reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, as well as PRBC. Business reports are available from Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business, Equifax Business and PayNet.

PRBC Report with FICO® Expansion® Score

Approximately 50 million Americans have little or no credit history on file with the Experian, Equifax and TransUnion credit bureaus, yet they earn a steady income and meet regular payment obligations of rent, utilities, and recurring bills. These creditworthy individuals are often denied for credit offerings due to their 'thin' credit history and this offers your equipment leasing company a significant population of new customers. MicroBilt's alternative data reports and services aim to bridge the gap between consumers seeking credit and equipment leasing companies seeking to qualify them.

MicroMerge 3 Bureau Consumer Credit data

This report combines important background information from the three top credit reporting database in one convenient report.

Bank and Trade Line Verifications

Bank and Trade Line Verifications allow your equipment leasing company to reduce the risk of falsified applications with little or no effort. Our Bank and Trade Line Verifications save time and money by verifying multiple bank and trade line references for you, which allows you to focus on managing your business. Basic information, e.g., account number and type, is verified in addition to up to 15 customizable questions. Verifications are sent to our call center for fulfillment and then an e-mail is sent when the report has been completed. Your equipment leasing company may also opt to fulfill verifications in-house.

WatchList Search

MicroBilt's WatchList screenings include and go beyond basic OFAC requirements to include 63 different lists from 35 sources including FBI and INTERPOL most wanted lists at no cost when customers conduct standard searches. By automatically providing comprehensive screening, MicroBilt helps equipment leasing companies stay in compliance without having to determine for themselves when and what they should be checking.

Identity Verifications and Fraud Protection

MicroBilt offers to your equipment leasing company the leading identity verification products and services and cutting edge authentication products that will minimize the risk for your equipment leasing company. As part of each application, MicroBilt provides a complementary suite of verification tools; MicroBilt applications can automatically verify and populate an address, verify your applicant’s phone number, validate Social Security numbers and check the Social Security Administration's death master file for a match.

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