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You might also find the following useful for your Debt buying business:


PRBC Consumer Report with FICO Expansion Score provides property data, bank account data and employment information.

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Bank & Debtor Locator can be used to track down current address information, as well as contact information for current grantors, so you quickly locate assets and take action.

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The WorkPoint is an employment search report designed to locate individuals through a search of business related information.

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Collections | Judgment Recovery | Legal: Debt Buyer: Access Skip Tracing Data and Tools

Skip Tracing - The Success of Your Collections is Based on the Quality of Your Information

MicroBilt's Collection products provide your Debt buying business an extensive selection of collection data and services to increase the likelihood of a full recovery.

To Increase your likelihood of locating a debtor and the debtor’s assets, we recommend the following products for your Debt buying business:

Advanced People Search

With MicroBilt's selection of advanced People Search products, you can locate individuals, get name, age, date of birth, Social Security number, current address, current phone number, previous addresses, AKA's and date of death. MicroBilt's advanced People Search products check millions of public records like phone bills, electric bills, co-signers on leases and loans, etc. in order to help your Debt buying business find an individual and inform you of their personal history. The report contains credit bureau header files as well as over 200 telephone databases including 411 and the major telephone RBOC.

Trace Detail

The Trace Detail Report intensifies your skip tracing searches. The Trace Detail Report can verify the individual's address and will lead you to associates, neighbors and relatives to complete your collection efforts. When you only find traces of the individual, the Trace Detail report helps your collection agency fill in the gaps. This report provides an in-depth trace on the individual or address. This offers your collection agency a great advantage when having difficulty locating an individual.

Phone and Address Searches

MicroBilt's selection of phone and address searches should be your primary search for finding an individual's current phone number and address. Our top priority is providing the best reverse search data for locating an individual's address, phone and other associated data. From confirming a valid phone or address to returning what information is associated with an individual, MicroBilt's selection of phone and address databases is unmatched.

Batch Processing

MicroBilt Batch Collection solutions are customizable to help the Debt buying business reduce manual searches, decrease unprofitable collections and better allocate resources. MicroBilt offers batch processing for many of our data sources.

Credit Bureau Header Report

Used in place of traditional credit bureau searches this report can speed up your debt recovery by combining multiple credit bureau information into one low-cost, easy to understand report.

Driver's License Search

The address listed on a driver's license is usually updated when a license expires. MicroBilt's Driver's License Search can quickly search multiple DMV databases to connect a Debtor with a current address.

Verify Express

Verify Express takes an input name, address and phone number and compares it instantaneously to a database of over 200 million residential and business listings. Verify Express has over 60 million unique records not available on other phone lookup databases.

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