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In order to access FCRA related data your business must adhere to the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act regulations. ComplyTraq was formed to serve the growing need for compliance to the Fair Credit Reporting Act's (FCRA) requirements and auditing in an industry that is under increasing pressure for state and federal issues and information practices. Through ComplyTraq's compliance program, we provide in-depth verification of your customers and the customers of your resellers to make sure that the information they provide on their application for service is accurate.

Ensure that your company adheres to FCRA regulations by undergoing ComplyTraq's Compliance Program which offers the following so that you will meet FCRA requirements:

Site Surveys to meet FCRA Requirements

Now mandated under FCRA requirements, the site survey process is critical to proper credentialing of users who access consumer information. We require stringent on-site inspection guidelines from certified site inspectors with an automated tracking and proven confirmation process for fast turnaround and rapid approvals so that you can adhere to FCRA requirements.

To make sure you meet FCRA Regulations, ComplyTraq Site Surveys include:

  • On-site inspection and completion of property observation form
  • Minimum of two clear photos including interior and exterio
  • Stringent on-site inspection guidelines
  • Industry specific trained site inspectors
  • Automated tracking and confirmation process
  • Fast turnaround for rapid approvals
  • *Credit Bureau certified

Credentialing to meet FCRA Requirements

Proper credentialing of users who access consumer information as well managing risk and meeting FCRA requirements is critical. ComplyTraq’s credentialing service takes your business as well as resellers through the steps required to meet FCRA requirements for proper credentialing as well as the documentation necessary for compliance.

To make sure you meet FCRA Regulations, ComplyTraq Credentialing Services include:

  • Verification of all Application Data
  • Site Survey Inspections
  • Reverse telephone number search and authenticated
  • Customized documentation requirements for specific industries
  • Verification of all supporting documentation such as business license, tax records, articles of incorporation, etc.
  • Verification that business nature and intentions are accurately described
  • Management review of each file to ensure accuracy

Training to meet FCRA Requirements

Training your employees and your customers on FCRA requirements and proper uses of information is critical for both implementation and follow-up audits. ComplyTraq training programs are designed to meet FCRA requirements and decrease risk.

To make sure you meet FCRA Regulations, ComplyTraq Training includes:

  • Online training and certification for resellers & their employees
  • Extensive training on FCRA requirements
  • Review and implementation of permissible purpose requirements
  • Best practices for rules regarding data destruction
  • Different levels of training provided based on management and supervisory roles
  • Mandated training programs for distributors, resellers and sales agents

Auditing to meet FCRA Requirements

Consumer data theft is rampant, and failing to adhere to FCRA requirements by using unauthorized data without permissible purpose or proper business validation can be devastating to your business. ComplyTraq provides a complete audit service to assure that users of consumer information meet FCRA requirements with the contracts under which they obtain information from you.

To make sure you meet FCRA Regulations, ComplyTraq Audit Services include:

  • Systematic verification checks on customers to validate compliance with agreements
  • Verification of supporting documentation on specified reports
  • Monitoring of customer volumes to ensure that original projections are in line
  • Review of suspicious patterns and reporting audits
  • Check lists which include annual verification and reporting
  • *Annual site survey follow-up on potential high risk business

*ComplyTraq is an approved third party credentialing vendor for Experian and Equifax.

For more information on compliance to FCRA requirements and aid in the protection of public and private data, go to www.ComplyTraq.com or call 1-800-849-4960.

For sales assistance with ComplyTraq's Compliance Program products go to www.ComplyTraq.com, use our convenient or call (800) 884-4747
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